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Aluminum & Non-Ferrous Metals
Aluminum/Non-Ferrous Metals

Stud Welding Aluminum & Non-Ferrous Metals

Lightweight, malleable, and naturally corrosion-resistant, aluminum and other non-ferrous metals play a vital role in the world around us. They are found in everything from soda cans and electrical wiring to gutters and aerospace parts. Production of these metals is a complex process involving multiple operations, many of which function at high temperatures and require equipment with heightened structural, chemical, and environmental stability. 

Delta Stud Weld helps with stud welding aluminum and other non-ferrous metal producers so they can attain improved levels of safe performance with a range of temperature-resistant refractory hardware sourced and manufactured in the United States of America. By combining exceptional materials and dependable fabrication techniques with expert project management and industry-specific engineering, the products we make outlast and outperform in harsh aluminum and non-ferrous metal refining, smelting, and production environments. 

Stud Welding Aluminum & Non-Ferrous Metals

Temperature-Resistant Refractory Hardware

Refractory lining is a material that acts as a heat-resistant barrier between high- and low-temperature zones. Aluminum and other non-ferrous metal manufacturers use it to keep as much heat within pressure tanks, smelters, forges, and furnaces as possible, which results in more efficient processes. This lining is designed to be a support structure, but it must be secured to a wall to work effectively. That’s why high-quality refractory fastening components are critical.

Stud weld aluminum and non-ferrous metal production processes reach extreme temperatures and regularly operate 24 hours per day to meet the demand. Refractory hardware must be manufactured from high-quality materials because, being closest to hot surfaces, they experience the highest temperatures. Also, these parts must prevent wall buckling caused by internal thermal stresses, which can hurt equipment operation and cause health, safety, environmental hazards. 

With a commitment to fabricating quality fastening solutions for high-performance applications, we have you covered. 

At Delta Stud Weld, we manufacture all high-temperature refractory hardware using an array of robust stainless steels and nickel alloys sourced from dependable domestic mills. All raw material is verified for accuracy, and Material Test Reports are supplied with shipments. Our team can fabricate products from just about anything, but they specialize in the following material grades:

  • 304 stainless steel
  • 309 stainless steel
  • 310 stainless steel
  • 330 stainless steel 
  • 601 Inconel 
  • 800 Incoloy 


Improve your aluminum and other non-ferrous metal processes with refractory hardware from Delta Stud Weld. 

Delta Stud Weld understands every situation is unique, and off-the-shelf items aren’t always perfect for the job. That’s why we offer quick-turnaround build-to-print services for the users and producers of aluminum and other non-ferrous metals. Whether it’s a vetted drawing or a not-yet-realized idea, our experienced engineering team can move your plan from concept to end product quickly and efficiently. Contact us to learn more about our Stud Welding Aluminum & Non-Ferrous Metals. 

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