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Stud Welding For Hardware

Refractory Anchor & Stud Welding For Hardware


Wholesale distributors of industrial and construction hardware supplies play a vital role in the business-to-business value chain. They provide the piece parts, tools, and equipment needed to manufacture products, build structures, and maintain facilities. Although many companies seek anchoring and fastening hardware with robust physical strength, thermal resilience, and corrosion resistance, they are not always available for purchase when most desired.

Better meet the needs of businesses looking to join objects together successfully, secure fixtures to walls, support heavy loads, or transfer tension in harsh conditions with stud welding and refractory anchors from Delta Stud Weld for hardware. Manufactured in the United States of America from high-quality, domestically sourced exotic materials, our full range of products are perfect for extreme-temperature, abrasive, and corrosive operating environments.

High-temperature Refractory and Fastening Hardware

Every wholesale industrial and construction supply distributor carries a wide array of fastening hardware. Often, though, these parts are made from untreated carbon steel, wood, or plastic, which prematurely degrade and fail when exposed to the elements long term. This is when anchoring and fastening components specifically designed to withstand high temperatures and corrosion come into play. 

Clients use fastening hardware for a variety of things, from carrying vertical structural loads or holding in place signage, windows, doors, and sheathing or siding. Additionally, they secure refractory materials or insulation lining around furnaces, heat exchangers, boilers, and other high-temperature equipment to trap as much heat as possible, which results in more efficient processes.

Refractory Anchor & Stud Welding For Hardware

Delta Stud Weld manufactures all high-temperature refractory and fastening hardware using an array of robust stainless steels and nickel alloys sourced from dependable domestic mills. All raw material is verified for accuracy, and Material Test Reports are supplied with shipments. Our team can fabricate products from just about anything, but they specialize in the following material grades. 

  • 304 stainless steel
  • 309 stainless steel
  • 310 stainless steel
  • 330 stainless steel 
  • 601 Inconel 
  • 800 Incoloy 

Fasteners, refractory anchors, studs, and other piece parts used in these environments must be manufactured from high-quality materials because, being closest to the hot face, they experience the highest temperatures. Also, they need to prevent wall buckling caused by internal thermal stresses, which can affect application performance. Industries that can benefit from these types of fastening and refractory hardware include:

  • Oil and gas
  • Forges and heat-treatment facilities
  • Marine applications
  • Construction and signage projects
  • Aluminum and non-ferrous metal production facilities

 We are committed to developing quality, heat- and corrosion-resistant structural support solutions for critical applications. 

Our area of expertise is fast-turnaround build-to-print services for wholesale industrial and construction hardware distributors and their clients. Whether it’s an approved drawing or an idea that’s not yet fully conceptualized, our expert engineering team can transform a proposal from design to finished product swiftly and professionally. Located in Texas, we can ship to all regions of the country quickly. Contact us today to learn more about DSW refractory anchor & stud welding for hardware.


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