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Arc Stud Welding Capacity
Arc Stud Welding Capacity

DC Power Sources

Power Source

Stud Base Diameters (Inches)

400 amp NEMA Rated Arc Welder

600 amp NEMA Rated Arc Welder

Two-400 amp Welders in Parallel

Two-600 amp Welders in Parallel

One-2000 amp power unit

Two-2000 amp power units in parallel

Arc Stud Welding Capacity

Recommended Minimum Plate Thickness

Steel & Aluminum Arc Stud-Welding

Base Diameter of StudSteel Without Backup (in) / (ga)Aluminum w/o backupAluminum with backup
0.1870.0359 in / 20 ga0.125 in0.125 in
0.2500.0478 in / 18 ga0.125 in0.125 in
0.3120.0598 in / 16 ga0.187 in0.187 in
0.3750.0747 in / 14 ga0.187 in0.187 in
0.4370.0897 in / 13 ga0.250 in0.250 in
0.5000.1196 in / 11 ga0.250 in0.250 in
0.6250.1480 in / 9 ga
0.7500.1870 in
0.8750.2500 in
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